Braulio Montesino

Just about every photographer I’ve ever met says that they’ve been making photographs since before they could walk. (Okay, that’s exaggerated only slightly.) I wish that I could say that, but – I would be lying. I really didn’t start to take photography seriously until I entered college. I went in as a chemistry major and graduated with a BA in Fine Art Photography.

Since even Ansel had to work for a living, I went into medical photography at a large hospital in Los Angeles and earned a certificate as a Registered Biological Photographer. You really don’t want to know the details of what I did there but I’ll just say that, if you have one, I’ve photographed one. Enough said.

After a dozen years or so I went into another career, had a productive time in the workforce and retired. (I’m a recovering attorney.)

Now I am able to dedicate my time to my photographs. As you may be able to tell from the name of this website, I have been heavily influenced by both Zen and Taoism. I have done much reading into the Eastern philosophies and tend to look at things from the perspective of keeping things simple, with an occasional twist. I hope that you enjoy my photographs and will participate in an ongoing conversation by commenting on the photographs and on my blog. Also, I encourage you to send me any questions or comments through the “Contact” page.

Thanks for visiting.