Frequently Asked Questions


Is there any way to make the main photograph on each page appear larger?

Yes. Clicking on the main photograph on a photo page will take you into “Dim the Lights” mode. This will enlarge the photograph and darken the surrounding area to get a more-detailed view of the photo. Hit the escape key [ESC] to return to the photo page.


In addition, selecting the “Slideshow” button in the upper right hand corner of a photo page will generate a full-screen slideshow of the entire gallery (for example, landscapes). This is the largest view of the photos that is available. Again, hit the [ESC] button to return to the photo page.


How do I order a print?

The easiest way to purchase a print is from any photo page. If you find a photograph you like, click on the “Buy” button in the upper right corner of the page. This will give you the option to select a product, add the photograph to your “favorites” list for later purchase, or check the contents of your shopping cart. When you “select a product” you will frequently be given the option of choosing between multiple print sizes. Choose the size of print you want and click on “Select.” Choose the quantity of prints that you would like and click “Add to Cart.” At this point you may preview the purchased print by selecting “Preview and Configure,” which will show a view of the final print along with providing an opportunity to have the lab custom frame and mount your print. Having a print matted will add two inches in each direction to the nominal size of the print in addition to the size of the frame. (Note that the prices for these services compare favorably to local framing shops.) Make your selection and select “Checkout Now.” The shopping cart permits you to view your order, make any additions or changes and complete your purchase using either a credit card or PayPal.


Why is it that not all of the photographs are available for purchase in all print sizes?

Not all images are created equal. The print sizes available for purchase are those that best match the aspect ratio (ratio of horizontal to vertical measurements) of the image. Also, the print sizes available are selected to assure the highest quality prints. Digital cameras have improved over the years and newer cameras permit high-quality prints to be made in larger sizes. Some of the images displayed on the website were made with earlier model cameras that limit the size of prints that meet our standards. Yes, we could print the images larger, but image quality would suffer and we are unwilling to make that compromise.


Will the prints I order be exactly the same as I see on my computer monitor?

Unfortunately, unless you have a professional-quality monitor that has been color calibrated to industry standards, the image on your screen will vary somewhat from the print. Most monitors come out of the box displaying images that are a little blue-ish. However, every monitor is different. We electronically process the images on calibrated screens to assure that the images are “just right” to our eyes. The print you receive will very closely match that image.


Fortunately, however, unless you hold the final print next to your computer monitor, you are unlikely to notice a significant difference.


What’s with the “Unfinished Stories” gallery?

All art is necessarily a collaboration between the artist and the viewer. The artist creates an image, but the viewer brings all of her or his own background to the table to create an experience that is unique to that person. Some images, however, demand more of the viewer; they ask more questions than they answer. The photographs in the “Unfinished Stories” gallery invite the viewer to ponder those unanswered questions and to complete the story for themselves.


What are the “Digital Downloads”?

A select number of images from the website are available for download to your computer. They can be used as computer background images or on certain mobile devices.  Digital downloads are an inexpensive way to “live with” an image for a while before deciding to purchase a print. (Or just have a great-looking background on your computer.) All downloadable images include a watermark as seen on the website images. Prints ordered through the website, of course, do not include the watermark.


I like one of the images on your website and would like to use it. May I use one of your images for my [website, T-shirt printing business, book, etc.]?

All of the images on this website are copyrighted by the artist. Prints purchased through this website are licensed for the personal use of the buyer. Digital downloads bear a personal use license. (Please read the license for details.) We welcome inquiries for any other use of the images on this website through the “Contact” page.


Thank you for respecting the intellectual property rights of the artist.